Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beading is THERAPY

Feeling blue just a little today.
The world is devastated with all the loved ones lost. :(
A lot of people died in the past few weeks because of cons
ecutive earthquakes and after shocks.

It saddens me more that a friend lost his dad.
Not in a natural calamity but because of a stroke.
We went
to his father's wake last night, and again I am at a lost for words.

What could you possibly say to make things okay? :(

During the day, despite my feelings, I was able to make Veronica's MTO earrings.
Here are a few pics.

Under the Sea themed dangles.
Brass toned crystal shells, starfishes and little anchors.
Length of earrings approximately 1.8-2inches.

When hung. :)
Dangles modelled using the Valentine gift my lolo gave me.

I have to say beading is a very therapeutic hobby.
Because after making these dangles for Veronica, I felt a little lighter and was able to go
to the wake and kept my friend company for the rest of the night. :)

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