Friday, March 18, 2011

New Charm Bracelets

I was able to post my charm bracelets for March last night. :)

I was juggling THREE THINGS at the same time this week.
EXAMS, MTOs, and of course my shop. T.T
As usual, a lot of the exams will pile up in the last two weeks of March.
Can you imagine this week is OUR Midterms and next week OUR FINALS! :D
Ahh, have never changed!

Thank goodness I was able to finish Darlene's bracelets in time.
She's a frequent buyer of mine! :)

Darlene did not specify any particular theme.
Her only instruction, "ikaw na bahala sis, basta yung maganda.. :)"
English translation (I'll try my best! :D):
"It's up to you sis, I just want them to be beautiful.. :)"

So happy 'lil me was left to experiment on a lot of charms, chains, and lockets! :D
What you see above is a mix of antique brass and enamel charms.
The cute headphone charm is so random..I LOVE IT.

Clams and starfishes and a huge brass locket is PERFECTION. :)
I don't know why, but there will always be a nautical or marine life theme
in my MTOs and charm bracelet collections.
And again, added a super random Peace charm. ;)

Using a slightly thinner but more detailed chain for this one.
But the toggle lock is GORGEOUS! :D
I had to spare a few pieces for myself..hehe. --,
Also, tried to mix three different tones (brass, gold, and copper) for the charms
so I can make a sort of variety on all the MTO bracelets. (There were 5 all in all!)

To see all of Darlene's Charm Bracelets, click here.
Now on to my wrist pieces for March!

Yet another "Alice" themed Charm Bracelet. :)
The first one was sold already.
Remember the resin charms I made a few weeks back?
I used all of them this month!

"Princess Diaries"
Oohh! Look at that pretty bow charm. :)
It's one of the new ones I got.

I was also able to get several pretty stones and crystals this month.
Maybe I'll take a few pics of those too. :D
Speaking of pretty beads, just look at "Floral Paris".

Trust me! The crystals ARE VERY PRETTY IN ACTUAL! :D
Hoarding time! Haha..

Anyhoo, I was using a different cam to take these pictures.
I'm still having difficulty with the settings and all..
but if you're wondering how I take my pictures, here's a pic of my set up. :D

Please ignore the catastrophe at the back. Haha!
Hope these pictures inspired you in some way today.
Ciao! :)

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