Thursday, May 19, 2011

Statement Necklaces

Was able to go to my working table and made a FEW PIECES!
Been very busy with my training.
We have been going to places FAR FAR from civilization. :D
I'm now officialy TAN. :l

Anyhoo, it feels like ages since I last made one.
And yay!
I'm happy with the necklaces I made today. :D

I always wanted to make one of these.
They have been in fashion magazines at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES! O.o

I decided to make less expensive ones for myself and a few pieces for sale at my shops.
Links to my shop can be found in the sidebar on the left! <---THERE!

My messy table after 3 hours tinkering and playing around with a LOT of material.
I know I know..
I am such a messy person.
When I work, all the charms, chains, findings are just all over the place! Haha! :D

Butterfly Bib Necklace

This was inspired by Forever 21's Laser Cut Butterfly Necklace. :)
Inspiration Pic here.

Dive Choker Necklace

Ughh..I couldn't find the inspiration pic for this anymore.
But I saw Karen Davila our local news reporter wear something that is similar to this. :)

So, that's about it.
Close up pictures of these necklaces can be found in my shop. :)
Hope to see you there!

Did you notice the necklace display I used! HAHA!
Will be making another post on all my NEW CRAFT/SHOP BUDDIES! <3

Ciao! :)

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