Monday, May 30, 2011


Disaster. -.-'

It takes GUTS to post this pic. :D
Just look at that mess! Ahehe..

I honestly CANNOT remember how my working table came to this...or do I?
There were bracelets to be made.
Supplies coming in.
Revisions to MTOs.
Oh, idk. It all happened so fast!
I just don't have time to clean. <--LIAR. .>:D

I am not the OC type of gal.
I can LIVE with a little dirt under my finger..but THIS? THIS?!
This is just too much!
So one weekend, I forced my lazy derriere to do a little spring cleaning.

Tada! :D
First table almost done.

Here's my second table. :)

You may have noticed some floral works going on.
I just wanted something pretty to look at whenever I make new pieces. :)
With that, I made this "inspiration board" myself.

Will probably post pics on this board as well.
This is just chipboard, wrapped with forrest green cartolina, wrapped with Lolo's gift wrapping left over. :D
Yes, we do that. We heart the Earth.

So there you have it.
The product of my weekend. :)

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