Sunday, July 17, 2011

My NEW Make-up Blog

Just wrapped my second auction last weekend! :D
So after completing my transactions this Wednesday (check payments, prepare parcels, and shipping them out = complete transaction :D), I'm gonna show you guys what I have been making these past few weeks!
But that will have to wait 'cause I have something to share! :D

Aside from this blog, I also have a Tumblr account where I talk about my other love -- MAKE-UP!
You heard it right. :)
I'm a make-up junkie too.
But "Post Its" (I should think of a better name for my bloggie) is not all about beauty and cosmetics, all other personal stuff are there too.
So if you have time, please visit and follow my blog at Tumblr!

I'll be making navigation links on my side bar today so you'll know where else to find me (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Hope to see you there!
Ciao! :D

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