Thursday, August 04, 2011

TIPS and TRICKS: Cameo Necklaces

I don't know about you, but I always..ALWAYS..have trouble fitting cameos into settings.
It's either the cameos are too small or in this case..too big. :(
These are china made cameos though, so I guess that explains it? :D
US made ones don't give me any trouble at all.
Anyhoo, this dilemma can easily be solved by borrowing my papa's..ugh..i don't know what it's called. :D It functions like sand paper, but it's not paper. T.T It's a rough block of some sort.
After a few "sanding", these cameos will fit perfectly in any setting. :)
You'll be left with a lot of resin residue and a rough edge though. But it's ok.
"Louissiana" and "Flora" are part of my new collection that I just launched.
To see the whole collection, please do visit my shop at djaDesigns. :)
A little update: got a good deal of goodies from one retiring fellow beader!
Show and tell next post! :D

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