Sunday, August 07, 2011

SHOW and TELL: Destash!

Ooh! Pretty pretty beading stuff coming your way! :D
Most of them are imported and lucky me got them at dirt cheap prices. Tehee!

The story behind is kinda sad though.
Ate Carla, a fellow beader and online seller decided to close her shop two weeks ago.
She couldn't find the time to go beading again daw. :( Aww..the Filipino beading community will surely miss you ate Carla! Hope you'll come back real soon.
The pieces you made for me will be treasured forever!!!

Anyhoo, she decided to sell all..yes..ALL of her beading materials as destash items.
Some she even sold lower than what she bought them for.
Now that Wednesday was pretty intense!
I could feel a few of "us" lurking over her Facebook page waiting for the destash albums to open at 8:00pm. Haha!
It was kinda funny 'cause when the albums were finally opened, *POOF!* everyone started commenting "MINE! MINE! MINE!" :D
And I got to these babies first! :D

First up, these lovely resin Chrissy cabachons. :D

I have been miming for these chrissies for a LONG time.
But they always go for like Php35-45 a piece.
And I got all three for Php30.00. Ha!

A pair of Large Floral Cabs for ya! :D

Oh yes! Reached for these ones first that night!
Again, I have been window shopping for these for weeks. And the lowest price I saw was Php150/pc. Guess how much I bought these for?
A whopping Php40.00 each! Nyaahahahaha! XD

Faceted Glass Beads (14pcs)

Ate Carla wasn't able to put descriptions, but judging by the bead's weight, I can tell it's glass. :D
I already have a lot of beads in my stash, but how could you possible let these pass when they're sold for Php30.00..and that's for the whole lot! :D
Regular price for glass beads like these range from Php5-6. Some even sell 'em for Php10-15 a pop! :p

40x30mm Cameo in Purple!

Cameos always enchant me. IDK, but i lurve 'em!
If I had the money, I'd buy a bunch just to satisfy my craving for them.
But again, they're kinda expensive. :p
For resin cameos (like this one), price ranges from Php60-90.
Glass cameos are more expensive at Php150-200/pc.
But Ate Carla was kind enough to give this cameo away for Php40.00. Yay! :D

18x13mm Japanese Glass Cabs

Pretty pretty! :D And cheap!
The 5 identical cabs on the left I got as a lot for Php35.00 (that's Php5 a piece..OMG!).
And the two floral cabs on the right was sold as a lot for Php45.00.
From my knowledge, I think Japanese cabs go as high as Php45-50 per piece!

I also got 2pcs of this gold plated ring with setting (Php40.00 each).
It's gorgeous! Tried one of the Japanese Cabs in there and look how chic it looks! :D
That's why I was heartbroken to find out one of 'em snapped during shipping.

Boo! JRS (the courier) boo! :(
Will try glueing them together with E6000.
Hopefully, the components in the glue will not react with the gold plating on the ring.
I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

Lastly, I bought a few findings to add to my collection.
The ones you see above are lots of Wing Spacers (Php25.00) and Toggle Locks (Php35.00).
I didn't take pics of the other toggle lock lot and jumprings I bought.
Too lazy (-.-) and I was running out of sunlight.

So there, bragging time is over. :D
I CAN'T WAIT working with all of 'em!!!!

*rushes to working table*

Ciao! ;)

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