Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sneak Peak: Jewelry Photography by Jien

Oh yes!
They're finally out! :D
And it's all thanks to my uber friend Jienie.
She took these pics for my shop as a FAVOR. Yay!
Because as you all know, my cam died on me. T.T

Most of the pictures below made it to djaDesigns, but I also want to share a few that were my favorite shots. :D

This here is "Snow White" in all its glory!
I just love how the details on the locket are SOOO clear in this picture.

The ribbon charm in "Pretty Bow Bracelet" is blurred out.
But idk, the feel this shot gave me makes me happy. :)
As I was browsing through the album, this one caught my eye in an instant.

"Flora" was Jeanie's favorite out of the bunch.
And you can tell from this shot that she had fun capturing the subtle details on the cameo. :)

I have been dreaming about "Crystal Tears'" design for a LONG time.
And it is only know that I was able to make it into reality.
Maybe because it is only know that I got hold of that beautiful vintage locket and that cute brass swallow chain connector. LOVE ITTTTT!!!! :D

And lastly...Waaah! I just fainted. -.-
I feel so proud looking at "Forest Berries" looking like this! *teary eyed*

Ah Jeanie, you make everything look so so...beautiful. :')
You were able to capture how I imagined these babies to look like.
Thank you so much Jieanie! *sorry for murdering your name ;)*

I LOVED EVERY SHOT to bits!!!!!

Visit Jeanie's blog here.
To see the new collection, please do visit my shop at djaDesigns.

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