Saturday, September 24, 2011

TIPS and TRICKS: Leather Bands Attempt

Leather Bands Attempt

Remember the time when I mentioned I wanted leather bands in my new collection? Well I tried making them today! :D Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that's leather that's NOT braided like this. So, I settled for wax cords instead.

Meet my good 'ole rusty pliers! :D Forgive me, but they HAVE been oiled and cleaned...a few weeks ago. --, Now for this bracelet, you'll need a special kind of crimp bead. I don't know the exact name for this but here's a close up look at that finding.

From there, I just did a basic braid until I got the enough length for it to go around an average person's wrist...then I crimped the braided cords' end with the same finding.

Like the leather bands I saw, I used a lobster lock paired with a chain extender for the bracelet's closure. This way, it can fit MOST wrists.

But obviously not mine! :D I have really thin wrists that I make myself 6.5inch bracelets instead of the average bracelet length which is 7.5 inches.

Despite the "misfit", I kinda liked how the bracelet turned out. Now, I'm sure I'll be making more of these bands in different colors! :D And perhaps even give my future buyers a choice to add charms? Hmmm..what do you think?


Diane said...

lovely!!!! thanks for sharing! i love your comment box i can comment na! hehe keep in touch hun!

leizle said...

wow! nice idea for little business hehe great post!

Mar said...

Without the charms, this leather band looks very familiar ;)