Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SHOW and TELL: Personal Earring Collection

My Own Earring Collection

I think I have around 40 pairs of earrings in my drawer. Some pieces I wear almost everyday, some just to make little me happy! :D And lately, I can't seem to have enough of them and I continue buying and collecting more pairs. (<--HOARDER ALERT!)

So anyhoo, as promised here are some of my favorite earrings in my collection (there were two others which are not included in this post, I can't seem to find them anywhere...)

Long Bohemian Inspired Dangles

The color scheme in Boho themed items are adorable! Turqs with bright Purples, Hot Pinks with Wood, Yellows and Azure..LOVE!


I prefer dangles more than stud earrings. That's why these two are the only ones in my collection. Deep Purple and Nudes and not to mention HUGE! :D

Pretty Ear Candies

This here just showcases the hoarder in me. I find this design to be UBER pretty, so pretty that I decided to buy it in two different colors! Yay! :D But you're with me right? You just can't let these babies past.

Vintage Inspired

Now these earrings are made out of metal and with that many "gems" they are heavy. But not for me. :) Sometimes, I even forget I have them on. And ooh! Just look how intricate the designs are. :D


Aside from long, heavy dangles, hoop earrings are also a favorite of mine. And I don't pick the small ones, they have to be huge!!! :D I remember when I wore this to school one time, my classmate commented: "Aryus na denz...or bracelet?" ("Is that an earring, or a bracelet?") Haha! Fooled ya! But the largest hoop could fit my wrist. *wink*

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Til next post! :)

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ikercsajok said...

these earrings are so beautiful:)