Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Earring Collection!

One lazy afternoon...

I hate to think that the long break is almost over.
Gah! Back to the stressful life of a college student. :p
Lately, I really haven't done anything school related.
(Ahahaha..I'll have to cram..yet again.)

Like today, I just felt like going to my working table and make some new stuff to add to my shops.
And lookie what I made in one sitting! :)

Featuring the jewelry holder my lolo gave me. :)

Out of all the jewelry in the world, I am most inlove with earrings.
In fact, I have a whole bunch of 'em in my vanity table!
Maybe I'll share a few pieces in the next post. *wink*
Although earrings are closest to my heart, I have never tried opening a whole collection...until now. :)

Falling was the first pair I made.
Turquoise is my favorite stone that's why I was able to finish this in minutes!
I knew what I wanted to do with it: long, simple, and eye catching. :D
And with the greenish turq stones I chose for this one, it will surely stand out in any hair color.
"Grape Juice"

Grape Juice is a different story.
Making this is not as simple as it looks.
It took a long time before I finally decided to use these purple glass beads with the bell flower beadcaps.
In designing jewelry, sometimes I make sketches but most of the time I'll just go with the "feeling".
Looking at this pair now, I knew I made the right choice. :D
(I was choosing whether to use pearls, crystals or stones..)
"Honey Bees"

Nature is also a recurring theme in my designs.
I don't know but I can't help it!
And thus, Honey Bees were born. :D
Do you recognize the wing spacers I got in a destash?
And the bees' "head" is actually a tiny rose spacer.
The beads I have were either too small or too large for the crystal "body".

To view the whole collection you can visit djaDesigns or streetchiconline.
Pictures of these earrings when hung can also be seen there.
If you're wondering, here's my set-up for today's photoshoot.
(Photography is my secret passion, no?)

I know right? I should have at least used another lamp so I can get rid of the shadows.
But all of the omni lamps in the house are burnt out. :p
Maybe, because of me? Hehe.

Anyhoo, I'm having my Birthday Giveaway til Sept.27,2011! Yay!
If you haven't joined yet, click the photo below to read the full mechanics.

I'll be waiting for your entries! :)
Til next post!

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