Thursday, September 01, 2011

Vintage Finds: Vintage Boxes

Vintage Finds

It's a GOOD LONG WEEKEND and I thought it was time to finally clean my room, vanity table and of course my ever messy working table. And thus, the splurge of sales and destash over at my shops. :)

The funny thing about cleaning, is that you can discover long last "treasures" that have been stashed in a box or piled up in a corner of your room. In my case, I found these uber cute Vintage Tin Boxes in the "depths" of my working table. :D

Aren't they cute? :D Orginal release date for these boxes was on Januray of this year. But I only got to take pics of them last weekend. :( Boo to me. But you can buy them na. :D To see the whole collection, click here.

I didn't get to measure how big they are, but they are decently sized that you can use them as jewelry holders or rosary keepers. :)

They also come with a detachable plastic tray which makes these vintage tin boxes suitable to carry pills as well.

Of course, out of the bunch I will always have favorites. Although I did choose to get all these designs because they're pretty, but there will ALWAYS be one or two that I like so much that I'll buy an extra to keep for myself. Haha! :D

This one I call, "Alice". :)
And down below is "Spring".

So, which ones your fave?
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Til next post..
ciao! :)

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