Saturday, August 27, 2011

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Happy Birthday TO ME! :)

[CLOSED] djaDesigns Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday next month and I have a super wish on that day! I have been blogging since 2006 but it is only now that I decided to take it to the next level. :) And with that I am hoping that this giveaway will help me gain more readers for my blogs. And that’s you!

Also this is a way of saying thank you to all of the gurlies (and some men) who trusted my shop and my creations and have appreciated all of my works in the past year. Thank you thank you all for the continued patronage and LOVE! :D


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to comment below that you did join this giveaway. Please follow the format indicated.  (Or you can email me at with the subject, “Birthday Giveaway Entry”)

*This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.

*There will be one winner who will win all of the following items: an Unreleased Statement Necklace from djaDesigns, 1set Braided Cord Bracelet (with 5 interchangeable charms), and 3 Boho Chic Earrings.

*Submission of entries will run from Aug.27, 2011-Sept.27, 2011which marks my 21st birthday!

*Winner will be drawn on Sept.28, 2011and will be chosen via

*Please come back on Sept.28, 2011 to see who the winner is. I will be contacting the winner via e- mail on that same day. If he/she will not be able to reply in two days, I’ll be drawing another winner for the giveaway. :)


Mandatory Entries (do one, two or all of the ff):

(a) Follow this blog via GFC. (1 entry)

(b) Follow me on Twitter. (1 entry)

(c) Follow my Tumblog.(1 entry)

(d) Add my FB Page (StreetChicOnline). (1 entry)

Optional/Additional Entries

(a) If you followed my blog, you can

*blog about this giveaway (pls make a dedicated post for this and link back! :D) +2 entries

*make a sidebar post about this giveaway (you can use the picture above) +1 entry

(b) If you followed me on Twitter, you can

*tweet about this giveaway! (and don’t forget to tag me! So I can check.;)) +2 entries

SAMPLE TWEET: “Join @ddenz11’s Birthday Giveaway!

(c) If you followed my Tumblog, you can

*Reblog this post from my blog. photo and text included pls. +2 entries

(d) If you added me on Facebook, you can

*Tag 5 of your friends on one of the photos in this album. +2 entries

*Share the link to this giveaway on your wall. (pls tag my FB shop, StreetChicOnline, so I can check!) +2 entries

Note: You can only do the optional/additional entries if you did the Mandatory ones. That is, for your blog post entry to count, you must first follow my blog. Same goes for your tweets, tags, reblogs, and shared links. :)

(e) If you have something you fancy from my shops and you decide to purchase from Aug.27-Sept.27, 2011 you will also have a chance to win this Birthday Giveaway! The number of entries you will earn will depend on the total amount of purchase you made (excluding shipping fee).


P100-P300 2

P301-P500 4

P501-P700 6

P701-P1000 8

P1000 and up 10

Don’t forget to to comment below with the following format. :)

Full Name:

Email Add (giveaway purposes only):

GFC Name:

Twitter Handle:

Tumblr Username:

Facebook Name:

Blog URL (w/ blog entry):

BLOG URL (w/ sidebar post):

Tweet URL:

Reblogged Post URL (tumblr):

FB Shared Link URL:

And without further a due, here’s a better look at the prizes!!! :D

This is an UNRELEASED statement necklace that I made specially for this giveaway!
I can only make two pcs, one for giving away and one for sale. :)
This is how it looks like when worn.
You'll also get 1 black base cord bracelet and 5 interchangable charms! :)
Charms included: dragonfly, key, shoe, heart, turtle

And lastly, 3 Boho Chic Earrings.
Designed to make heads turn your way!
These don't have pairs and will look good in any summer inspired outfits.

So that's it! I hope a lot of you will join my humble giveaway. :)
Til next post..ciao!


Beggy said...

I am so joining this! =)

Joan said...

Full Name: Joan Christine Macawili
Email Add : kitten.macawili(at)gmail(dot)com
GFC Name: joan macawili
Twitter Handle: @meeeow18
Tumblr Username: kittenmacawili
Facebook Name: Joan Macawili
Tweet URL:!/meeeow18/status/108196879635984385
FB Shared Link URL:

Rhea Nel said...

Full Name: Rhea Nel Gulafo
Email Add:
GFC Name: Rhea Nel
Twitter Username: @aehrlen
Tumblr Username:
Facebook Name: Rhea Nel Gulafo
Blog URL:
Blog Entry:

Reblogged Post URL (tumblr):

Diane said...

Full Name: Diana Mendoza

Email Add

GFC Name: Kiss & make-up

Twitter Handle: kissenmakeup

Facebook Name: Diana Mendoza/my kiss & make-up

BLOG URL (w/ sidebar post):

Tweet URL:

FB Shared Link URL:

That's it!! Thanks for hosting!!! more power!!
btw, i thought i followed your blog long time ago..
but you know that i visit and comment! ayt ayt sweetie! good luck

littlemisspoleng said...

Full Name: Marie Paulyn Dela Cruz

Email Add (giveaway purposes only):

GFC Name: littlemisspoleng

Tumblr Username:

Facebook Name: Marie PauLyn DeLa Cruz

Tweet URL:!/MariePaulyn/status/112754017788104705

Reblogged Post URL (tumblr):

Tanya said...

Name: Tanya Baldovino
Email: bluey_clover(at)yahoo(dot)com
GFC Name: Tanya B
Tumblr username: Botat
FB Name: Tanya Baldovino


ddenz11♥ said...

Wee! Thank you girls for joining!!! :)

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

Full Name: Gizzele Alfonso

Email Add:

GFC Name: 11ghieszelle07

Facebook Name: Gizzele Alfonso

Blog URL (w/ blog entry):

BLOG URL (w/ sidebar post):

FB Shared Link URL:

yanne said...

Name: anne rae garcia
Email Add:
GFC Name: yanne
Twitter Username: @xoxoyanne
Tumblr Username: shouldve-said-no
Facebook Name: yanne garcia

leizle said...

Full Name: Leizle Demaisip

Email Add (giveaway purposes only):

GFC Name: Leizle

Twitter Handle: @iamleizle4ever

Tumblr Username: phinkymommy

Facebook Name: Leizle Demaisip

Blog URL (w/ blog entry):

BLOG URL (w/ sidebar post):

Tweet URL:!/iamLeizle4ever/status/114947856556765184

Reblogged Post URL (tumblr):

FB Shared Link URL:

Gee said...

Joining... :)
Happy birthday! xoxo!

Full Name: Gee Ismael

Email Add:

GFC Name: Geetiful

Twitter Handle: @geetiful

Tumblr Username: Geetiful

Facebook Name: Gee Ismael
Facebook profile link:

Blog URL (w/ blog entry):

BLOG URL (w/ sidebar post):

Tweet URL:!/geetiful/status/115331016410935296

FB Shared Link URL:

Thank you so much!

kristina marie said...

Full Name: Kristina Marie Letada

Email Add:

GFC Name: kristina_168

Twitter Handle: @iamteenuh

Tumblr Username: iamteenuh

Facebook Name:Kristina Marie Letada

Blog URL (w/ blog entry):

Tweet URL:!/iamteenuh/status/118711117697658880

Reblogged Post URL (tumblr):

FB Shared Link URL: