Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blast from the Past!

Let's take a break from jewelry! Tada! My very own memorabilia box. I know right? I am such a sentimental fool! :D I was fond of scrapbooking back then. However, I wanted to collect IDs, tokens, invites, and other items that just won't work on the limited space of a scrapbook. Plus, I want to preserve their original state. I wanted to hold them as well. So...I bought this cute box for Php 80.00 (the price tag was still on) 7 years ago. And here I am looking into what I have added through the years.

Let me take you through some of them!

Maybe if a stranger will look into all the stuff I have here they will see junk. But not me. No siree. Every piece reminds me of a distant memory. Most of the pieces I have here though, are remembrance from my days during high school.

My high school was a 2 hour bus drive from our home. And because we had classes everyday, I spent the first three years of my highschool living in a dormitory and the last in an apartment with friends. So every Sunday I would travel to the Pisay Campus (then situated at Tubod, LDN) and on Fridays, travel back to Iligan. And thus the array of bus tickets you see below. Haha! :D

I have always been active in school orgs and I absolutely LOVE organizing events! Here are proofs (mostly IDs and tokens) of that!

Can you believe the sponsors? Haha. And gosh! What's with that face?! :D

Dose (Science Camp 2007). Facilitating a group of "agents" as their Chief! 

I also joined a national science camp hosted by the Philippine Youth Science Club (PSYSC). A group shot of my team, ids, leaflets and our program. It couldn't fit inside this box, but can you believe I still have the bag that comes with the kit?! FULL HOARDER MODE ON!!!

My nickname. DEDENZ since FOREVER!

Who would forget...JS Prom. :) I remembered to be really excited because I can finally dress up. Wear make-up and don a gown and all. Plus, we hosted the event. And as usual, I'm head of the Decore and Invitations Committee.

Lastly, some gifts I got from friends. :)

Piggy Keychain from Julie for the girls of Room2.
Wooden Slipper Keychain from Yukie.
I <3 Cebu Bracelet, Triple Heart Hair Clip, and A Skateboard Can Opener
from My Lolo. That's his ID over there. :D

And of course, a few stuff from my HS Graduation. Not much really. But I still have the program and graduate tag! As a bonus, MY HIGH SCHOOL FAAAACCCEEE! I swear I look like a completely different person here! :D

Ah, good times. :) I still have a lot stuffed in the box. But I figured it will take me forever to take pictures of EVERYTHING. I'm happy and extremely proud of myself to be able to keep all these. Hopefully, after 6 years from now, I'll be looking at even more pieces from my past.

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