Monday, April 30, 2012

Show and Tell: New Charm Bracelets

I have been on a hiatus for a month, and going back to beading was not as easy as I thought. Before, I used to make five bracelets in one night! But last month was a completely different story. I spent around an hour playing around with the material, redesigning bracelets over and over again and basically, I just couldn't make up my mind.

Good thing I chose to sleep it off and when morning came, I was able to create my first ever charm bracelet since downtime. And much to my surprise, I was easily able to make two others for my new collection. :)

Nature's Elegance was extremely hard to put together! Maybe because it was the first one I worked on but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it at first. I was sure though that the unique Fleur Charm and Leaf Toggle Lock I have will make a beautiful bracelet. How that bracelet will look like was the problem.

 Nature's Elegance.

Luckily I found these emerald oval moon stones in my stash, and from then on, everything was smooth sailing. I incorporated A LOT of different elements (which is one of the reasons of the LONG design time) and honestly I never thought I could have finished this piece. But look, it's here. And I LOVE it!

Since I already started making pieces with mixed elements, I already had an idea for my next project! I don't know if you can notice but Vintage Romance was loosely based on Nature's Elegance's design. Here, I worked with different beads and tones to create the effect. A piece that looks old, treasured and sentimental. :)

 Vintage Romance.

The last bracelet didn't take much experimenting. I think I have made pieces with a similar design. It's a no brainer but Dream.Design.Achieve focuses on the main charm bearing it's name. :) I found this charm in the supplies shop that time when I was still struggling with a lot of school work. That time when I was meeting deadlines to be able to graduate. Seeing this charm gave me the peace of mind to go through all that mess. And I told myself that whatever happens, graduation or no graduation,  I will be happy. PRAISE THE LORD for lettine me pass! Fresh graduate right here. I welcome myself to the world of the unemployed! :D


With this bracelet, I just basically threw in all of my favorite design elements. A unique toggle, pearls, random charms and mixed tones. Good thing everything looks so well together in the end.

These bracelets are now available at my shops: djaDesigns and streetchiconline. So don't forget to stop by!

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Em said...

Love the designs! :)

ddenz11♥ said...

Thank you very much! :)