Friday, April 27, 2012

Show and Tell: Handcuff Short Necklace

Not an original design at all. But, I can't help but make my own version of the dainty handcuff necklace's cute! Here are some pictures of the Handcuff Short Necklace which I recently added to my shops' inventory.

Making this necklace was relatively easy. The design is simple plus I had this in my mind since forever! I tell you, this particular design has haunted me in my dreams! *wink* It took me quite a while to find these charms, but when I did..BOOM! Got a few pieces and made them into necklaces. :)

I really don't know why but I feel like a simple (yet edgy) charm/pendant which hangs on thin chains can make the whole necklace look so girly. When buying necklaces of my own, I always opt for those which are short (16 inches chain length or shorter) and with thin chain links like the handcuff short necklace. Elegance level over 9000!

With a quick Google search, I found out that Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna have worn a similar necklace like this one as well. Click on the captions below the images to be redirected to the source.

I'm no celebrity but what the heck, here are my photos wearing the necklace! :D

Hitting two birds with one stone. --, Wore the necklace while taking pictures of my new FOTD: Colorful Summer Evening Make-up so I can use the pictures for both of my blogs! Is what we call, multi-tasking. :D You can visit my other blog to read the entire post.

Anyhoo, these necklaces are already available at my shops: djaDesigns and streetchiconline. But you can WIN ONE HANDCUFF SHORT NECKLACE by joining my ongoing contest: the Secret Message. Read  until the end of the make-up giveaway (link provided below) post to know how!

My blog turns one next month! :) And I’m celebrating it with this make-up giveaway with R&K Manila. JOIN MY GIVEAWAY HERE!

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