Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Show and Tell: A Writer's Charm Dangles

Do you know Phil from Wongfu Productions? Well, he's the reason why I started journaling again. This post definitely left an impression on me. I used to do this everyday and it made me feel good. But when college started, I kind of drifted away from writing. Don't get me wrong, blogging is one of the best things I have ever done! However, I feel like there are some stories that need to be kept to myself.

Inspiration comes in the most unexpected places and who would have thought me getting back to journaling sparked the creation of this piece: A Writer's Charm Dangles. I planned a TOTALLY DIFFERENT design for this earrings but things really didn't turn out right with what I initially had in mind. :D

Product Photos by Jien. :)

Remember this post about me trying to make neon colored tassel earrings? Well, here's what happened.

DISASTER. Haha. Who in their right minds would use Nail Polish to paint metal chains? XD I swear before doing this, I really thought it would work. It didn't and it was awful! The chains where sticking together and the polish didn't dry out fast. The color was applied unevenly and some parts of the chain weren't even painted! Just horrible.

Maybe there was this little voice in my head that told me this was gonna be a bad idea. But I went ahead and did it anyway because..you know..neons are the trend! Forcing this idea cost me a few good chains and some uber cute nail polish.

After the blunder, I still wanted to make the earrings work. Finally after a few hours, I assembled the chains again and instead of coloring them to add oomph, I decided a few charms and beads will do the trick.

And thus, A Writer's Charm Dangles were born! It took a while but I was FINALLY satisfied with how the earrings turned out: dreamy, random and pretty. :)



Although they're not exactly a pair, the charms go well with each other. And you can totally wear them together. And if you can, wear them alone!

Nature and Travel Earrings are now available at djaDesigns and streetchiconline. Hurry! Because I only made one piece of each design.

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