Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Show and Tell: Rebel Chic

Remember this post? Well, I finally came around to make them (well at least one of them) into accessories! :) You may have seen this piece already from my previous posts. But let's go right ahead and look deeper into Rebel Chic's design.

When I said that I knew exactly what I wanted well...I didn't. I mean, I did have this blurry image in my head  which is the exact reason why I decided to trust my guts and buy these materials in the first place. :D But I did know what I wanted, it just seemed that I am limited with what my findings and skills can do.

I actually tweaked with the skull first (pictured here) but as days passed, the design looked like blah to me. :p So I decided to work on this one instead and left the other for another day. Maybe if I can find a way to make the skull design work, I'll share it with you. :)

The pendant is actually the insignia of a military soldier with a rank of First Class Private. *did I say that right?* :D However, when I tried hanging the pendant with the pointy part facing upwrads (like how it's supposed to be worn), it kinda looked off to me.

So, I settled with this orientation: UP SIDE DOWN. Thus the name "Rebel Chic". Did a little Google search and there are insignia's that look like this. I'm just not sure what rank it is. :D

I also added a few embellishments to make it look more polished and chic! And because this is supposed to be a military symbol, the pearl strand I used were purposely "oxidized" to give it the worn out effect. Although the beads in this picture looked shiny, they really have a sheen more than a shine. :) My camera failed me again. Haha.

Here are some pictures of Rebel Chic being worn. And yes that's me! This is one of the necklaces I wore during our shoot for my jewelry line.

I just lurve that last pic! :D To see more pictures from the shoot, click here or here.

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